Uses of a digital microscope in agriculture

Digital microscopes are used in many areas in agriculture and it is a great substitute for the optical microscope. Some of the uses of a digital microscope are for visual inspection of seed and grain samples.

  • Purity determination
  • Seed germination capacity testing
  • Variety identification

View your seed and grain samples magnified on a screen instead of an eyepiece to easily perform processes such as varietal identification, seed purity and germination capacity testing. By being able to zoom in on your sample, you can quickly inspect any seed sample, making it easy to identify foreign varieties, mites, fungal diseases or other. 

Testing seed purity

A digital microscope makes it possible check for grain purity and document the analysis. Rapidly spot impurities such as weed seeds and easily identify broken seeds, soil particles or other non-seed items. The visual inspection microscope can be used for purity determination of all kinds of seeds such as rape seeds, grass seeds, barley, wheat, rye, oats, vegetable seeds, etc.

A digital inspection microscope can also serve as an efficient tool to perform Pure Seed Definitions and assist in testing the variety of seeds as well as help the training process in purity testing according to international principles.


Germination capacity testing

Another use of a microscope with camera is to check for seed germination capacity in all sorts of seeds, for instance wheat, rye and triticale. When zooming in on the dyed seeds using a digital microscope you can clearly observe the shape and the color of the seed germ which will help carrying out the germination capacity testing process. Placing the seeds under the camera, zooming in and opening up the seed will allow the proper examination of the germ and check the germination capacity.


Varietal identification

A digital microscope can particularly be useful for varietal identification of barley. Zooming in on the seeds makes it possible to phenotype each seed and enables the user to differentiate between different types of seed and varieties. When discovering any foreign varieties of seeds in a seed sample, the user can easily identify the exact foreign type by zooming in on it, using the digital microscope.

By having the high definition image of the magnified seed displayed on a screen, the operator can rapidly identify varieties and foreign types in the seed sample. The same applies when breeding new seed varieties. The possibility of zooming in to see the new seed variety close up enables the user to identify the visual variances in new seed varieties. 


Benefits of using a digital microscope in Agriculture

There are clearly advantages of using a digital microscope in Agriculture and in the section above we have mentioned some of the things you can inspect with a microscope that has a camera. Some of the benefits for using a visual inspection microscope in Agriculture are as follows.

High quality live image

A digital microscope allows you to inspect the sample in high quality live image which can help the analyst take accurate decisions and perform precise inspections. When inspecting for germination capacity you can clearly detect the shape of the germ due to the image quality and magnification. TAGARNO digital microscopes allows you to perform analyzes at 1080p (FULL HD) with 60 frames per second removing delay or distortion, ensuring truly live images.

Documentation is important

When it comes to documenting your work, a visual inspection microscope can definitely do that. A TAGARNO microscope gives you the option to save your documentation in multiple ways. Whether you want to save your image internally or on an USB drive, TAGARNO FHD digital microscopes have you covered. You can save your file in different formats, with or without graphics and you can name the files by default or at your own choice. The quality of the images is in FULL HD quality. Having the perfect quality documentation matters, that’s why with TAGARNO visual inspection microscopes you can upgrade your device with software applications and accessories.


Ergonomics is another important feature of a digital microscope because it helps the user stand in an ergonomically correct way. In comparison with an optical microscope which makes you stay in an uncomfortable position, a digital inspection microscope facilitates good working posture. After using a digital microscope from TAGARNO, Nordic Seed has recorded fewer sick leaves from the employees.


Being able to see the sample of seed magnified on a monitor that is connected to a digital microscope makes it easy to evaluate and discuss the seed germination capacity with colleagues among others. This eliminates the subjectivity of an inspection, giving the option of discussing on a sample with colleagues in real time.

Adding applications

With TAGARNO digital microscopes you can upgrade your device with software applications that are specially developed to help our customers in performing fast and accurate visual inspections. Specifically for agriculture industry, TAGARNO has developed an application that counts the speck in flour automatically. Speck counter application can be used in performing analyses for counting specks in any type of flour. With measurement application for TAGARNO digital microscopes you can measure sizes, angles, circumference directly on the sample image. If you already have a TAGARNO digital microscope, you have the option to try any application for free for up to 30 days.

Adding accessories

Accessories on a digital microscope are an important aspect as well depending on what you have to analyze and inspect. For example when inspecting grass seed or any type of almost see-through seed you can use a backlight accessory that you can connect to your TAGARNO inspection microscope and examine the seed details. Improve the quality of your inspection by adding lenses, light systems, tables, control boxes and other.



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