We are a leading global niche player which, 
based on our users' needs, combines camera technology,
high quality, design and applications into integrated
magnification solutions for the users.

Who we are


Who we are

With the digital revolution taking over the world of microscopy, our most important task is to create new possibilities and applications to renew and optimize visual inspection in quality control procedures. With the ease of use and efficiency of the technology behind our digital microscopes, we are paving the way for enhanced communication throughout the entire supply chain. 

TAGARNO is a Danish corporation with more than 40 years of experience in developing cutting-edge solutions within digital camera microscopy. All digital TAGARNO microscopes are tested and created from high quality materials and surface treatments, creating long-lasting solutions. Being designed, developed and produced in Denmark, we always strive to deliver the highest quality solutions, to guarantee our customers full satisfaction. We are an international establishment with representative distributors covering more than 50 geographical markets worldwide. 

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Company vision

Our vision is to be a leading global niche player which, based on our users' needs, combines camera technology, high quality, design and applications into integrated magnification solutions for the users.



Company values


We have a long tradition of providing high quality solutions. This has build a strong brand and a high level of credibility in our current markets. We attend to maintain this identity by not only building high quality into our solutions, but in every aspects of the company. High quality solutions and designs will thereby continuously be the parameters where we distinguish from our competitors. We always strive to seek new inspiration in terms of being open minded and curiously seeking and capturing new knowledge that can be beneficial and create valuable insights, which we responsibly implement in the company.




History of TAGARNO

In 1953, Tage Arnø, a producer of cinema projectors, developed a projector for analysis of 35mm X-ray films on a built-in screen. The company was sold, named TAGARNO A/S after Tage Arnø and it then became a limited company.

In the 1970s, the company changed hands again and then bought the only Danish producer of reading aids. In the following years TAGARNO developed and produced analogue reading aids for visually impaired people.

In 2007, TAGARNO launched the world’s first HD-reading aid. Within a few years, TAGARNO launched a line of high-definition digital camera microscopes and thus entered a new line of business within manual visual inspection in the electronic sector. At the same time, an extensive network of distributors was created globally.

Over the next years, TAGARNO kept developing and refining the line of userfriendly digital microscopes and entered new markets such as education and medical inspection. When entering the year of 2013, TAGARNO enters a new line of business in quality control within a wide range of processes in agricultural industries around the world. TAGARNO also introduces the first FULL HD solutions and thereby raises the bar for camera and microscopic solutions for industries around the world.

The Danish fund Insero Horsens, which invests venture capital in private equity in established companies, did in February 2015 invest in TAGARNO, in order to realize TAGARNO's international growth potential.