Efficient magnification tools for quality analysis of seed and grains

With a digital computer microscope using the required magnification levels, you can view your seed and grain sample test in high magnification with extremely high image quality. Thereby you can quickly perform processes such as seed germination testing, variety identification and purity determination of a seed or grain test with e.g. wheat, barley or rye seeds, making it very easy to identify foreign varieties, mites or fungal diseases in your sample.

Taking a picture requires only a single click and you will have the image documentation of the purity of your seed and grain test samples readily at hand. When working with our systems, the image from the camera is shown on a screen, relieving your operators of unnecessary neck and shoulder pains, enabling them to work more efficiently.


“It’s an excellent bit of kit!”

Phil Green of Fengrain talks about their experiences of introducing TAGARNO to their business:

“As a business we continually look at keeping our laboratory up to date with new technology. Our existing microscope was outdated and TREND was presented to us as an option. The magnification capabilities, autofocus, preset features and the fact that you can easily save images made this a very attractive solution for us, particularly with infestation and germination checks. The training and implementation went smoothly."


You get a strong partner for optimization of your quality processes and can look forward to higher quality, increased productivity and happier operators with a digital microscope from TAGARNO. As they put it in the DLG seed lab, Denmark: ”we can make twice as many analyses as before"

With TAGARNO´s magnifier, you can speed up your quality control work and promote efficiency. With a digital microscope, you can easily check the quality of the seed or take pictures for documentation with a single click.


TAGARNO microscopes can e.g. be used for:



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Advantages of a digital microscope for quality control



Seed germination capacity testing with a digital microscope

A TAGARNO digital microscope is an efficient tool for quality control of the seed germination capacity. A small test sample of seeds is taken out from the seeds lot and immersed in a chemical for 16-20 hours. The effect of the chemical is to colour all living tissue red. When you place the soaked seeds under the camera, zoom in and open the seed up with a pair of tweezers, you can easily examine the germ and check the germination capacity. Providing a razor-sharp image in HD-quality, a TAGARNO camera microscope allows you to see the shape of the germ very clearly. With a TAGARNO magnifier solution, your work becomes less strainful and more efficient. A digital microscope is suitable for control of the seed germination capacity in all sorts of seeds, for instance wheat, rye and triticale.



"At Nordic Seed, using a digital microscope from TAGARNO, makes it easier to cooperate, when checking the seed germination capacity.
At the same time effortlessly create, save and share sharp images to use as documentation."


Variety identification using a digital microscope

A digital TAGARNO microscope is the perfect tool for a variety of different identification tasks. Whenever foreign varieties of seeds are discovered in a seed sample, you can easily identify exactly what type it is when zooming in on it. On top of that, with the razor-sharp image on TAGARNO´s camera solutions, you can rapidly identify mites, corn earworms or fungus in your seed sample. TAGARNO´s magnifier is also a strong partner when it comes to breeding new seed varieties. The clear image and possibility of zooming in to see the new seed variety really close up make it easier to identify the visual differences between new seed varieties. 

"After we started using the digital microscope from TAGARNO at Nordic Seed, our work positions are far more ergonomically correct.
As a result, we no longer suffer from neck and shoulder pains, which enables us to be far more efficient when performing identification processes."


Purity determination with a TAGARNO microscope

TAGARNOs magnification solutions are ideal for purity analysis of seeds. When you place the seed under the camera and zoom in, you can rapidly identify weed seeds as well as other foreign varieties in your seed corn. If you need photo documentation of the grain purity, it´s only one click away. On top of that, TAGARNO´s magnifiers are highly ergonomic and will allow you to work in a way that is less strainful. With TAGARNO´s camera solutions, you can ease your analysis work and at the same time become more efficient. TAGARNO´s magnifiers are suitable for purity determination of all kinds of seeds - for instance: Rapeseeds, grass seeds, barley, wheat, rye, oats and vegetable seeds (e.g. spinach and turnips).
"The sharp image provides a fast and clear view of the seed sample. At the same time, the device is really easy and fast to use.
With TAGARNOs digital microscope, we can perform twice as many analyses as before. We save time."
Jens Asmussen, laboratory technician DLG, Skærbæk, Denmark

Ensuring high quality seed treatment recipes

The TAGARNO magnification system provides you with an efficient tool to ensure the highest quality of your seed treatment recipes. When zooming in on the coated seeds, you can view the surface of the seed up close and easily check the distribution and the spreading of the film coating. This enables you to evaluate the quality of the application process.



“We use the TAGARNO equipment for the evaluation of our seed treatment recipes. The TAGARNO device is really simple to use and requires no maintenance.
One of the best things about it is that it is so easy to take pictures. This has really improved our communication with our clients, internal as well as external ones.
Instead of sending seed samples around, we exchange images. It´s a lot quicker.”
Brigitte Fléchel, Head of CETAPP/EAME Seedcare Institute, Syngenta, France


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TAGARNO FHD Prestige digital microscope black model
FHD Prestige digital microscope TAGARNO white model
660x magnification. Measurement. Validation. Focus stacking.
TAGARNO FHD Trend digital microscope black model
FHD Trend digital microscope TAGARNO white model
Digital microscope. 330X magnification. Easily update firmware and get new apps.
TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope
128x magnification. Flexible. Laser pointer.
Easy image and video capturing.