128x magnification. Flexible. Laser pointer. Easy image and video capturing.

A digital microscope for production lines

TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital camera microscope from TAGARNO can be positioned over conveyors or larger inspection areas and be your alternative to a traditional compound microscope. TAGARNO FHD ZAP is born with a laser pointer, which enhances precision and accuracy when using this magnification system from TAGARNO. The laser also enables you to easily see where on the object the microscope is currently focusing.


Available models

  • Art no. 690600 | TAGARNO FHD ZAP (incl. Vesa bracket and +4 lens)



  • Magnification levels 0.8x - 128.8x on a 24" monitor
  • 30 x optical zoom
  • 60fps equals ultra-high frame rates
  • FULL HD / 1080p image quality
  • Capture images directly to the computer
  • Auto & Manual focus
  • Field of view: Min: 8.0mm/0.31” / max 600.0mm/23.62”
  • Lens to object distance: Min. 100mm/3.94” / max 500mm/19.67’’
  • Working height: Adjustable
  • Working depth: Adjustable


Excellent FULL HD image quality in a digital microscope

With FULL HD you get an extremely sharp image with unsurpassed colour rendition in one magnification solution. What you see on the monitor is exactly what is under the magnifier - without distortion, delay or interference. The sensor in FULL HD is 5 times more sensitive to light than previous versions, which gives you better images and more depth of field in the magnification system. The built-in autofocus ensures a sharp image regardless of magnification size.


128x magnification with  24" monitor

With FULL HD 30x optical zoom the depth of field is significantly improved and the user has a better overview at minimum zoom compared to other microscopes on the market. 30x optical zoom also enables higher magnification at maximum zoom you get up to 128 times magnification on a 24" monitor and live imaging at 60fps with +10 lens mounted on the digital microscope.


Easy image capturing and sharing via camera software

With outstanding features and PC options to complete the digital camera microscope, TAGARNO FHD ZAP comes with USB 3, which, via 3rd party software for TAGARNO FHD ZAP, makes it possible to stream and store uncompressed live video in FULL HD on PC with 60fps, for further editing or distibution. To use the full potential of TAGARNO FHD ZAP, TAGARNO recommend using Windows 8/10 Camera App (third-party software) for saving and sharing imaging and video recording when using respectively Windows 8 and 10 Operating Systems. 




Technical specifications

Lens Magnification on 24” monitor Field of view (Min / Max zoom) Lens to object distance
+2 0.8x- 26.2x 600.0mm/23.62” / 21.0mm/0.83” 500mm/19.67’’
+3 1.3x - 40.1x
409.0mm/16.10” / 13.4mm/0.53”
+4 1.7x - 52.7x 290mm/11.42” / 11mm/0.43” 250mm/9.84”
+5 2.3x - 66.1x
244.6mm/9,63” / 8.0mm/0.31
+10 4.2x - 128.8x
125.1mm/4.93” / 4.1mm/0.16”


Lens options +3, +4, +5, +10
Camera resolution FHD 1080p, 1920x1080@ 60/50/30/25Hz
Zoom 30x optical
Included lens +4 (58mm)
Working height Min: 78mm/3.07’’      Max: 645mm/25.39’’ (depends on flexarm)
Working depth Adjustable
Dimensions H: 121mm/4.76” R: 100mm/3.94”
Weight 1,5 kg/3.31 lbs
Cable types included HDMI, USB 3.0 & ESD
Output format HDMI & USB 3.0 (fixed cables)
Aspect ratio 16:9


Image capture, Stand alone via USB No
Image capture PC (via third-party software) Yes 
Auto & manual iris, gain & exposure time Yes
Auto & manual focus Yes
Snapshot No
Presets Yes
White balance calibration Yes
Turn light on/off  No
Picture flip Yes
Start and lock magnification  No
Closeup Lenses Yes
Date and time  Yes
Ruler on/off and choose ruler color No
Monitor width or Monitor Readback Yes
Focus stackingNo No
Measurement Application (TMA ) No
Image format No
Auto capture mode and interval No
Choose system units Yes
Laser pointer (on/off) Yes
Control included Yes


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