Easy visual inspection and quality control of printed circuit boards with a digital microscope

TAGARNOs digital microscopes are great tools for visual inspection of printed circuit boards. With the high-definition cameras and monitor display, the image quality is excellent and the user-friendly interfaces create amazing userability. Experience magnification with outstanding live image quality without distortion and with a large field of view, digital auto-focus and auto-exposure functions. Viewing images on a monitor also gives you a great range of ergonomic advantages, avoiding neck and shoulder pains.

With a digital microscope and monitor system, you can even capture images of your work. These can be saved for documentation purposes or shared with employees to create better communications and enhanced cooperation across the entire organization.

TAGARNOs digital microscopes also create high factory utilization rates by being more frequently used and shared among multiple departments. 




A microscope for every task

With the TREND and PRESTIGE microscopes, you can also use dedicated Measurement software to measure basic geometric figures and perform measurements on captured images.

Other useful apps include DXF overlay that enables the operator to quickly identify miniature components on PCBs and Image comparison in which the operator can save an image of a golden sample and use it as reference for future inspections.



Alternatively, use the ZAP microscope on a flexarm for extra flexiblity and inline installation.

Lastly, the ZIP is excellent for soldering and other low magnification tasks.
TAGARNOs digital microsopes are cost-efficient and require little, if any, maintenance.

TAGARNO helps businesses meet IPC standards 

IPC, the global trade association within Electronics, provides industry standards to help its members innovate, compete and succeed. As an IPC member ourselves, TAGARNO help businesses meet the IPC standards regarding Magnification Aids and Visual Optical Inspection Aids.
The digital microscopes can be used to obtain the required magnification levels as well as for documentation purposes. Once you have identified your needed magnification levels, save them as a preset to easily recall them. No need for manually changing or fine adjusting the settings every time. 
The abovementioned apps can also assist business in meeting the IPC standard. Read more about the different TAGARNO apps here.



TAGARNO FHD Trend digital microscope black model
FHD Trend digital microscope TAGARNO white model
Digital microscope. 330X magnification. Easily update firmware and get new apps.
TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope
128x magnification. Flexible. Laser pointer.
Easy image and video capturing.
TAGARNO FHD ZIP digital microscope
53X magnification. Cost-efficient.
Easy image and video capture.