Easy visual inspection and quality control of printed circuit boards with a digital microscope

TAGARNOs digital microscopes are for example used for visual inspection of printed circuit boards, using high-definition cameras and high-definition monitors combined with user-friendly interfaces, to create excellent image quality and an amazing ease of use. Experience magnification with outstanding live image quality without distortion and with a large field of view, digital auto-focus and auto-exposure functions. Viewing images on a monitor also gives you a great range of ergonomic advantages, avoiding neck and shoulder pains.

Digital microscopes/monitor systems also allows you to capture digital images, creating quick image viewing, capturing and sharing capabilities, creating better communications and enhancing cooperation between employees and across the entire organisation.

TAGARNOs digital microscopes also creates high factory utilization rates, since the digital camera microscopes are used more frequently and are often shared among multiple departments. 

A range of digital magnification systems from TAGARNO also enables you to use dedicated measurement software, providing you with a unique measurement capabilitity, and chances to taking measurements by easy point and click software. The measurement software e.g. enables you to measure basic geometric figures and perform measurements on captured images.

TAGARNOs digital microsopes are costs-efficient and require little, if any, maintenance.


TAGARNO IPC Membership

TAGARNO is member of IPC, the global trade association serving the printed board and electronics assembly industries, their customers and suppliers. Read more about IPC 

The broad magnification range, the superb high definiton image quality, the great ergonomics and the flexibility of multiple individual adjustments are the defining features of the TAGARNO HD and FULL HD camera microscopes, used in electronic industries worldwide.

Characteristics for our solutions is the superb image quality featuring HD and FULL HD qualities, autofocus, zoom and livestreaming combined with a defined plug and play philosophy, which are just some of the features that make the digital microscopes from TAGARNO strong partners all through the electronics world.

TAGARNOs digital microscopes is ideal for a variety of application areas within the electronics industries. In the world of manual optical inspection and development, the TAGARNOs wide range of digital microscopes is for example used for quality control, documentation, 2d measurement, training, rework and repair of printed circuit boards.


TAGARNO FHD Trend digital microscope black model
FHD Trend digital microscope TAGARNO white model
Digital microscope. 330X magnification. Easily update firmware and get new apps.
TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope
128x magnification. Flexible. Laser pointer.
Easy image and video capturing.
TAGARNO FHD ZIP digital microscope
53X magnification. Cost-efficient.
Easy image and video capture.