Product news: Color Analyzer, Particle Analyzer and Motorized Inspection System

TAGARNO launches three new digital microscope applications
Today, TAGARNO launches three efficient and user friendly solutions that will help companies improve quality control processes: Color Analyzer app, Particle Analyzer app and a Motorized Inspection System.
Developed in close collaborations with end customers, the Color Analyzer and Particle Analyzer perform on-screen analyses directly on the microscope. By enabling the microscope to perform objective analyses based on a set of parameters, the subjective aspect of quality control is eliminated. This also makes it easy to compare samples inspected by different operators as they will all have been using the same settings/templates.
At the heart of the Motorized Inspection System is a motorized XY table that moves systematically along a predefined route. This ensures that no area of the sample goes unchecked. With the digital inspection system, the operator can easily pause the sample livescan for closer inspection before resuming the livescan until completed. 
TAGARNO launches color analyzer applications for digital microscope

Color Analyzer 

Developed to measure color values, the Color Analyzer measures the average color value of a sample, displays all identified color values in the sample as well as previous analysis results for easy comparison between samples. Although specifically developed to inspect roasting of peanuts, the Color Analyzer from TAGARNO has many potential applications. 

To ensure accurate and reproducable analyses, we have created a special Light eliminator that is placed around the microscope to eliminate any light interfering with sample. The box that needs to be bought separately is currently only available for FHD TREND. 






TAGARNO launches particle analyzer applications for digital microscope

Particle Analyzer

The Particle Analyzer from TAGARNO is ideal for analyzing and validating sizes and shapes, especially of fish pellets in the fish feed production. The aim of the application is to check the product quality in an efficient and accurate way. By using this application, you will perform automatic and objective analyses that will improve quality control and allow for sample comparison. The application can be installed on TAGARNO FHD PRESTIGE, TREND and UNO. To get the best results, we recommend using this application with a Ring light white and Back light.



TAGARNO launches trichinoscope solution for digital microscope

Motorized Inspection System 

This integrated solution consists of a modified FHD Prestige and a motorized XY table that moves along a predefined route that livescans the entire sample systematically and efficiently. The new solution provides excellent image quality with no interference or delay between what is happening under the microscope and what is shown on the monitor. This makes it easy for the operator to examine a sample, stop it to inspect closer and create high quality documentation if needed. 







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