Optical inspection with almost hyperreal image reproduction

TAGARNO FHD ZIP featured in german newspaper

This article is displayed in the German magazine EPP Elektronik Produktion & Prüftechnik

The Danish manufacturer of high-resolution inspection equipment, TAGARNO, presented at the stand with partner for D-A-CH, Hilpert Electronics and Weidinger the new magnification system MAGNUS FHD ZIP.

The device is a simple and user-friendly system. The simplicity and intuitive control buttons make it possible to operate the magnifier without further training.
No time for adjustments is needed.
FULL HD gives an extremely sharp picture with unmatched color reproduction. What you see on the screen is exactly what is under the camera - without distortion, delay or image distortion.
The built-in auto focus ensures a sharp image, regardless of the magnification.
The sensor is five times more sensitive to light than previous versions. This gives you a better pictures and more depth of field.

This makes it easier for the user to vary the lighting conditions.

At the same time it
minimizes the risk of over-exposure and glare.
With 30x optical zoom, the depth of field has been significantly
improved and the user has a better overview at minimum zoom in
comparison to other cameras on the market.

The 30X optical zoom at maximum zoom also enables a higher
magnification, up to 48X.
TAGARNO has developed new features
and PC options designed to complete the new camera solution.

The MAGNUS FHD ZIP magnification system is equipped with USB 3,
which allows you to stream and store uncompressed live video in
FULL HD on the PC at 60 fps, for example, for further processing
or distribution.
USB 3 solutions also open the possibility of combining
TAGARNO solutions with third-party software.

The MAGNUS FHD ZIP saves space and can be folded easily
and stored when not in use
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