Benefits of using a digital microscope for seed quality inspection

Inspecting seed coating with TAGARNO FHD Trend digital microscope

Digital microscopes are excellent tools for evaluating the seed coating application process. When you zoom in on the coated seeds, it helps you determine whether the film coating is evenly distributed and to create photo documentation that can be shared with customers and coworkers.

High quality live image

Using a digital microscope that displays images with 60 frames per second will display a magnified seed with no delay or distortion. It is ideal for quality control working conditions because the monitor will display what is happening underneath the camera in real time.

Why documentation is important

To create photo documentation of the magnified seed sample, the operator simply needs to click a button on the control box. The image can be saved to the inserted USB memory stick or the internal storage of the microscope, which can be accessed from any computer on the same network as the microscope. Instead of sending seed samples around, you can easily capture an image and share that with customers and coworkers.

Ergonomically correct designed

Another key benefit of using a digital microscope is the ergonomically correct working position obtained by not using an ocular for focusing. By using a monitor, your eyes, neck and back are relived of excessive strain. Cases show that the improved working position results in less sick leave and staff infirmities.


TAGARNOs digital microscopes are used for visual inspection of seed and grain samples in various ways. By combining FULL HD cameras and user-friendly software, the digital microscopes can be used to analyze and document samples in excellent image quality.


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