Bringing seed purity and germination capacity testing into the digital time age

Bringing seed purity and germination capacity testing into the digital time age

View your seed and grain samples in magnification on a screen to easily perform processes such as varietal identification or seed purity and germination capacity testing.

By being able to zoom in on your sample, you can quickly complete processes such as seed germination testing, variety identification and purity determination of a seed or grain test with e.g. wheat, barley or rye seeds. This makes it easy to identify foreign varieties, mites or fungal diseases in a sample.


TAGARNO microscopes can among other things be used for:

  • Pure seed definitions (PSDs)
  • Seed germination capacity testing
  • Variety identification
  • Purity determination


Testing the seed purity

When placing the sample under the camera and zooming in on the seeds, it is possible to rapidly spot impurities such as weed seeds and seeds of other species and easily identify for example broken seeds, soil particles or other non-seed items.

A digital microscope makes it possible to create photo documentation of the grain purity which can be shared and serve as everlasting evidence of the work. TAGARNOs magnifiers can be used for purity determination of all kinds of seeds - for instance: Rape seeds, grass seeds, barley, wheat, rye, oats and vegetable seeds.


Germination capacity testing

When zooming in on the dyed seeds using a digital microscope, seeing the shape and the color of the seed germ very clearly will help carry out the germination capacity testing process. When placing the seeds under the camera, zooming in and opening up the seed, it is possible to examine the germ and check the germination capacity.

Having the seeds magnified on a monitor, also makes it easy to evaluate and discuss the seed germination capacity with colleagues. Providing a FULL HD quality image on screen, a digital microscope allows you to see the shape of the germ very clearly. With a TAGARNO magnifier solution, your work becomes less straining and more efficient.

A digital microscope is suitable for control of the seed germination capacity in all sorts of seeds, for instance wheat, rye and triticale.


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