How can Digital Microscope Apps improve Quality Control

Apps for Digital Microscope in the Electronics Industry
Looking for long lasting and agile equipment? The digital microscope with quality control improving apps is the solution that allows you to adjust the system to meet future requirements without investing in new equipment. With TAGARNO’s apps that are specially developed to improve the quality control of the processes, you gain access to the latest technology that can be easily installed and upgraded on your agile and flexible digital microscope.

New add-on features

Among the apps developed by TAGARNO are:
  • Image Comparison allows you to compare an image of a golden sample with a recent sample from the production line. You are able to switch to live view, save and recall templates, add text, arrow and circular annotations and adjust colors.
  • Create an ultra-sharp image of an objective from top to bottom with no blurred by using the Focus Stacking app.
  • TAGARNO Measurement application enables you to perform on-screen measurements and add annotations and text to the image directly on the microscope. You are also able to switch between live view and image mode as well as capturing and saving the pictures to USB memory stick or internal storage of the microscope. 
  • You can use Watermark for brand an image with a logo or confidential text. It also allows you to add data, time, field of view plus microscope name and serial number as an imprint on the image.
  • Using Verification Lines enables you to quality check an object by placing accurately calibrated vertical and/or horizontal lines on top of it, directly on the microscope.
TAGARNO’s digital microscopes are ideal magnification tools for a variety of quality control processes. Being able to perform on-screen measurement, create ultra-sharp images and compare current samples to a golden sample are just some of the opportunities created by the TAGARNO apps.
Interested in learning more? Head to the Apps category and find the app that is suited for your industry.


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