Improve communication with a digital microscope


Picture this. You’re working in quality control and examining a sample when suddenly something doesn’t look quite right. You ask your colleague to look through the ocular for a second opinion. ‘’Notice that thing in the top right corner? No, a bit to the right. Don’t you see it?’’

It’s not easy showing something to a colleague when there’s only one of you who can view it at a time. That’s where a digital microscope comes in.


Improved collaboration

  • By using a monitor, you can easily view a live image with your colleague while asking for a second opinion and/or checking a potential quality control issues. It sounds like a simple process but it would be more difficult doing that by using a traditional microscope as only one operator can look through the ocular at a time. Therefore, using a monitor promotes collaboration and increases the communication level between employees, while minimizing the risk of a product going unnoticed through quality control.

Easier to train new employees

  • New employees can also benefit of using a monitor in a quality control set up. The process of having a monitor cuts away costly time because it is easy to encircle and highlight what to look out for during the inspection and it allows you for more thorough training and efficient quality control.


TAGARNO digital microscopes provide high quality magnification and excellent image quality for visual inspection and analysis of small objects that can be shared with colleagues and used in a variety of industry worldwide.



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