Save money by Inspecting PCBs ergonomically

PCB inspection with a TAGARNO digital microscope

Introducing digital microscopes in the PCB inspection process can lower physical stress, create better work setups and reduce human error in manual tasks. By creating ergonomic work setups for PCB inspectors, there’s a lot of money to be saved for PCB manufactures because it decreases the escape of defective products during quality control.

  • How digital microscopes can improve efficiency

By using a digital microscope, you can look at a monitor instead of through an ocular for focus. This not only reduces the risk of getting injuries but also relieves you of eyestrain, neck and back pain. It also makes the inspection tasks more accurate and faster by reducing operator fatigue and eliminating the need for frequent breaks. The digital microscopes can even help with non-work related injuries, e.g. from traffic accidents, and ease injured workers back into work faster.

  • Quick return to work after traffic accident

Recently, a Danish microscopist hurt her head badly during a traffic accident. The digital microscope allowed her to maintain an ergonomically correct work posture, enabling her to return to work much quicker than planned.


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