New application: DXF Overlay

TAGARNO DXF Overlay application for digital microscopes
With the launch of Firmware 4.4, we are happy to announce the launch of a new application for TAGARNO digital microscopes called DXF Overlay. The new application gives the user the opportunity to use the DXF file with the drawing of the component as an overlay on top of the live image of the sample. One of the greatest advantage of the app is the search feature that makes it easy to find the exact component in the sample you want to inspect.

The application was developed with the purpose of simplifying the task of inspecting circuit boards as their components have reduced in size considerably. Even though it was developed for electronics industry the application can be used in other industries as well.





Try TAGARNO apps for free 

From 1st of May 2019, everyone who owns a TAGARNO FHD PRESTIGE, TREND or UNO can try any of the TAGARNO software apps for free for 30 days. To activate any of the applications, just select any unlicensed application in the application menu. If you want to check the status of your Trial license, simply access System information on your TAGARNO FHD digital micorscope.
After the trial has ended, a license is required to access the app. Contact your local TAGARNO distributor to order the application or write us an email to if you have any questions.



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