Please welcome Constantin, Birgitte and Charlotte

Three new employees at TAGARNO

From December 3, three new people have joined the TAGARNO team in key positions in the company. Read more about them below.

Finance Manager

Birgitte Baltzer is the new Finance Manager at TAGARNO. Birgitte has a strong background from several international industrial companies working as Finance Manager and Controller, bringing extensive experience to the position.
Contact Birgitte at / +45 76251130


Operations Manager

Charlotte Hansen has been employed as Operations Manager at TAGARNO. Charlotte worked many years with production and supply chain optimization, lean etc. in international companies, experiences she will use in optimizing production and supply chain at TAGARNO.

Contact Charlotte at / +45 76251140


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Constantin Ivan joined TAGARNO as a Digital Marketing Coordinator and will be covering for Marketing Manager Sabina Svane who will go on maternity leave December 17, 2018 and returning at the end of 2019. Constantin graduated last Summer from Aarhus University with a Master in Marketing and is Google certified in various areas. At TAGARNO, he’ll focus on increasing digital marketing activities and continue to develop current marketing efforts.

Contact Constantin at / +45 76251117


With the new additions to the team, we are set for an exciting and ambitious 2019. We wish them welcome and encourage you to do the same.


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