Precise measurements to validate PCB samples


Precise measurement of distances, placement and sizes of components on printed circuit boards in magnified version, makes it possible for the operator to control and validate the quality of the work. By performing these measurements directly from a stand-alone digital microscope, the user only needs the microscope to perform a quality control.


A generation of digital microscopes now allows for apps being frequently added to the microscope, one of these being the TAGARNO measurement app.

The app offers opportunities to perform point-to-point, circle, angle and area measurements as well as using advanced calibrations, lens correction plus text and arrow annotations.

The operator is also able to toggle between live view and still image mode as well as capture images and save the work with or without applied measurements and graphics.    


How does it work?

By connecting a mouse and keyboard directly to the digital microscope and accessing the application, the operator is ready to start using the range of measurement possibilities provided in the intuitive and user friendly user interface.

By drag and dropping, right-clicking and using keyboard shortcuts, the user is able to perform precise measurements by the help of efficient lens correction options and various calibration methods. Free quarterly firmware updates make it possible to quickly update the microscope and app with new measurement features as they become available.


Accuracy of the measurements

The microscope app can provide measurements as accurate as ± 3 µm. The exactness of the results is profoundly depending on the carefulness and efforts of the operator. 

The microscope will provide the most accurate results when magnifying the object as much as possible, using a dot-grid calibration and carefully placing the points that specify the distance to be measured. This also produces correct and precise material for documentation.

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