Best digital camera microscope for SMD and micro soldering

A great microscope for smd soldering and micro soldering
as alternative to low quality USB soldering microscopes

If you are looking for the best digital soldering microscope for your microscope soldering station, TAGARNO has the best solution on market. A micro soldering microscope gives you a great overview of the soldering work by magnifying the pcb as much as you want it.

A pcb soldering microscope with a high quality camera and connected to USB makes it easy for you to view the work without straining your eyes and neck and even enable you to digitally document the work if needed.

As a cost-efficient alternative to a small and often low quality USB soldering microscope, the TAGARNO microscope for smd soldering and micro soldering is highly usable and relevant and you get a long-lasting microscope, providing you with the soldering tool you need to perform at all soldering processes. 

Using a digital microscope for smd soldering makes it possible to zoom in on exactly the spot you need to solder and thereby you are able to accurately and quickly perform your work. 



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Digital microscope. 330X magnification. Easily update firmware and get new apps.
128x magnification. Flexible. Laser pointer.
Easy image and video capturing.
53X magnification. Cost-efficient.
Easy image and video capture.