Nordic Seed Case: Less sick leave after implementing TAGARNO digital microscopes


Before implementing digital microscopes in their laboratory, Danish seed company Nordic Seed used magnifying lamps as well as stereo lights to perform germination capacity and seed purity testing processes. This caused staff to often suffer from stiff necks from working in the same working posture for 37 hours a week, causing sick leaves and tough work days.


Helle Holdgaard is a Laboratory Technician and has been working at the Danish company Nordic Seed for the past 20 years, performing seed purity testing procedures in different ways and performing purity analysis. In her job, Helle uses a TAGARNO microscope, which has a significant value for her in her daily job, since it has made her work much easier. Before integrating digital microscopes as test tools, the lab staff used magnifiers and stereo lights which caused them to suffer from frequent sick leaves, massive head aches and stiff necks from working in the same working posture for full work weeks, which often caused harsh work days.

Quick return to work place

In April last year, Helle was involved in a traffic accident where she hurt her head badly. Because of the TAGARNO microscope, she was able to return to work before planned, because she could do her job in a correct working position. Helle explains how she, instead of looking downwards in a fixed sitting position, straining the neck, looks straight ahead at the monitor.  Regardless of whether she’s standing or sitting down at the table, the system follows the position of the operator. Helle also stresses that the need for adjusting the system is at a minimum and it is always located at the desk and easy to use.


Promotes collaboration and documentation

Anne, who is also a Laboratory Technician at Nordic Seed, performing germination capacity testing all day long, believes that using a magnification system from TAGARNO makes it easier to cooperate with colleagues, when checking the germination capacity. She also highlights the easiness of, at the same time, being able to create, save and share images to use as important documentation.


Ergonomically correct designed

The TAGARNO camera microscopes are designed in close cooperation with Danish ergonomics specialists. As a digital microscope does not depend on an ocular for focusing, the operators’ eyes, neck and back are relieved of excessive strain and the user´s eyes are protected by obtaining optimal working positions.


Germination capacity testing and seed purity testing with a digital microscope

A digital microscope can ease the work on germination capacity testing. When using the system to zoom in on the dyed seeds, the user is able to see the shape and the color of the seed germ very clearly and to quickly evaluate the seed germination capacity of all sorts of seeds, such as wheat, rye and triticale.

When zooming in on the seeds, the operator can rapidly spot impurities such as weed seeds and seeds of other species and easily identify inert matter such as broken seeds, soil particles or any other non-seed items when performing purity analysis of seeds.


About Nordic Seed

  • A part of Danish Agro, Denmark

  • Located numerous places in Denmark and Germany

  • Variety testing in Denmark, Germany, Baltics, Sweden and Finland

  • Nordic Seed has 51 permanent employees

  • Annual turnover of approx. £37.8m


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