Brand your images with your logo or custom text and images



TAGARNO Watermark allows you to brand your image documentation directly from your visual inspection microscope. With this application you can apply text, image, date, time, field of view plus microscope name and serial number as an imprint on the image. This application is installed and ready to use by default in FHD PRESTIGE and FHD TREND. Read more about all Watermark features below.


How does it work?

Watch the video below to see the TAGARNO Watermark in action.




  1. Custom watermark
    Import custom watermark by inserting a USB memory stick to the microscope, containing a PNG image file measuring 1920x1080px named watermark.png

  2. Info field (image prefix, time stamp, horizontal field of view, microscope model and serial number)
  3. Enable or disable the watermark




  1. Standalone microscope - No computer needed
    The application is installed directly on the microscope with no need for an external computer connected to the visual inspection microscope. All you need is a mouse connected directly to your microscope and quick installation plus activation of the software and you are good to go!

  2. User friendly interface
    Benefit from an easy to use and intuitive menu. Manage shortcuts, save templates and many other seamless options in a user friendly interface.

  3. Document your work
    Save your file in different formats, with or without graphics, on an usb or even directly on your computer via LAN. Ability to toggle between live view and still image mode as well as capturing images and saving your work to USB memory stick with or without applied graphics. 

  4. Quarterly updates
    Benefit from quarterly updates and receive the latest measurement tools and features on your digital microscope applications. Easily purchase another application that can help your inspection without having to change your microscope.



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