Particle Analyzer

Analyze sizes and shapes automatically and objectively 



Equipment needed for best results: Back light and Ring light white

The Particle Analyzer from TAGARNO is ideal for analyzing and validating sizes and shapes. The aim of the application is to check product quality in an efficient and accurate way. By using this application, you will perform automatic and objective analyses that will eliminate the subjective aspect of quality control. This also makes it easy to compare samples inspected by different operators as they will all have been using the same settings/templates. 

The application is specfically developed to validate sizes and shapes of fish pellets in fish feed production, but has many other potential applications. 


How does it work?

Watch the video below to see the TAGARNO Particle Analyzer in action.



The application will: 

  1. Calculate length mean, median and standard deviation of all identified objects
  2. Calculate width mean, median and standard deviation of all identified objects
  3. Display abovementioned results as two respective graphs
  4. Show total count of all identified pellets 


  1. Analyze shapes and sizes automatically and objectively
    Let the app perform automatic and objective analyses everytime

  2. Save template to ensure that the same settings are used for all analyses
    Once you have found settings suitable for your object, save them as a template and recall them for future use to ensure consistency

  3. Export data for easy comparison of samples
    Use the Export data feature for easy comparison of objects within and across samples

  4. Select an on-screen object for detailed information
    Want more info on one particular object? By clicking on it, the Information panel will display detailed information on this object only

  5. Exclude objects from analysis
    Selecting an on-screen object also makes it possible to invalidate it and exclude it from future analyses

For a detailed description of all the features, download the brochure for Particle Analyzer:

Download Particle Analyzer brochure


  1. Objective and reproducable analyses
    By letting the application perform the analysis for you, the subjective aspect of quality control is eliminated

  2. Standalone microscope - No computer needed
    The application is installed directly on the microscope with no need for an external computer connected to the visual inspection microscope. All you need is a mouse, a control box and a monitor connected directly to your microscope and you are good to go!

  3. User friendly interface
    Benefit from an easy to use and intuitive menu

  4. Document your work
    Save your file in different formats, with out without graphics, on a USB or even directly on your computer via LAN. Sharing images and documentation materials with colleagues and supply chain partners have never been easier

  5. Quarterly updates
    Benefit from quarterly updates that gives you access to the newest features and ensures that your microscope it always up to date. It is also easy to purchase new applications that can help your inspection processes without having to change your microscope


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