TAGARNO FHD ZAP Technical specifications and features

Technical specifications

Lens Magnification on 24” monitor Field of view (Min / Max zoom) Lens to object distance
+2 0.8x- 26.2x 600.0mm/23.62” / 21.0mm/0.83” 500mm/19.67’’
+3 1.3x - 40.1x
409.0mm/16.10” / 13.4mm/0.53”
+4 1.7x - 52.7x 290mm/11.42” / 11mm/0.41” 250mm/9.84”
+5 2.3x - 66.1x
245mm/9,65” / 8.0mm/0.32
+10 (Achromatic) 4.2x - 128.8x
125mm/4.93” / 4.10mm/0.16”
+10 (Plan - 1x) 4.3x - 133x 87 mm / 3.42’’ / 4 mm / 0.16’’ 78 mm/3.07”


Lens options +3, +4, +5, +10
Camera resolution FHD 1080p, 1920x1080@ 60/50/30/25Hz
Zoom 30x optical
Included lens +4 (58mm)
Working height Min: 78mm/3.07’’      Max: 645mm/25.39’’ (depends on flexarm)
Working depth Adjustable
Dimensions H: 121mm/4.76” R: 100mm/3.94”
Weight 1,5 kg/3.31 lbs
Cable types included HDMI, USB 3.0 & ESD
Output format HDMI & USB 3.0 (fixed cables)
Aspect ratio 16:9


Image capture, Stand alone via USB No
Image capture PC (via third-party software) Yes 
Auto & manual iris, gain & exposure time Yes
Auto & manual focus Yes
Snapshot No
Presets Yes
White balance calibration Yes
Turn light on/off  No
Picture flip Yes
Start and lock magnification  No
Closeup Lenses Yes
Date and time  Yes
Ruler on/off and choose ruler color No
Monitor width or Monitor Readback Yes
Focus stackingNo No
Measurement Application (TMA ) No
Image format No
Auto capture mode and interval No
Choose system units Yes
Laser pointer (on/off) Yes
Control included Yes



Monitor recommendations

At TAGARNO we are dedicated to design and manufacture digital microscopes solutions, but we do not manufacture a TAGARNO branded monitor. With a customer base around the world, it will not be feasible to ship 3rd party monitors from TAGARNO.

The monitor is however an important part of any TAGARNO solution and hence TAGARNO will provide this guidance to purchase a monitor from a different vendor.

New monitor models emerges constantly while older models quickly reaches end of life. For that reason, TAGARNO cannot maintain a list of specific recommended model numbers. We will however list these common recommended monitor specifications to achieve the best user experience:



24” (Diagonal size)


Full HD (1080p60) 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Aspect Ratio


Panel Type

IPS with 178o vertical/horizontal viewing angle

Response time

2-8 ms

Input Connectors

HDMI (one preferably two ports)

Ergonomics adjustment

Chose a stand that allows easy height and tilt


LG, Philips, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Viewsonic or BenQ.