PNG reference case: Be consistent and reduce preparation time

A leading medical device manufacturer wanted more consistency and efficiency in their inspections. To achieve this, they now use 22 microscopes with the presets feature and PNG reference app. 

The preset feature enables the operators to prepare a sample 5 times faster than before. With the PNG reference app, the operators can recall a customized graphic to verify the size of their products. The graphic is placed on top of the live image, eliminating the need for manually measuring the product with a ruler.  



“With PNG reference app, we can ensure high quality across all inspections and perform more inspections every day.”  

- Sustaining Engineering at prominent MedTech company, Nick Baur


5 times more efficient 

With a high number of products to inspect, the company has to change magnification level every one or two minutes. By introducing presets, they have reduced the time spent inbetween inspections and can now perform more inspections per day. 

Before, they had to manually change the settings. Now, after pressing a button on a numpad, adjusting to the needed settings takes a 5th of what it used to.  



Ensure the quality of the analysis

Previously, operators had to manually change settings between inspections and use a ruler to verify an object.  But there was no way of ensuring that all operators used the same settings or the consistency of the analyses. 

Today, they know that the same settings and graphic overlay are used everytime, creating a more consistent process.



A healthier and more comfortable setup

Having an ergonomically correct setup creates a healthier work environment. With a TAGARNO, the operator can inspect their product on a monitor. 
This eliminates straining and awkward work postures and prevents eye strain as well as neck, back and shoulder pain. Something that 80 % of microscope operators usually suffer from. 




“Our operators love using their TAGARNOs. They are really easy and comfortable to use. We’re all really happy with the solutions!”  

Sustaining Engineering at prominent MedTech company, Nick Baur



How does the PNG reference app work?

Watch the video below to learn more about the PNG reference app. 







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FHD Prestige digital microscope TAGARNO white model
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FHD Trend digital microscope TAGARNO white model
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