Request TAGARNO License

Use this page to request a unique license key to activate applications on the following TAGARNO digital microscopes:


How to proceed

At the purchase of the TAGARNO application(s), you received one or more activation codes. These codes have the format TMA-xxxxx for the TAGARNO Measurement app, VL-xxxxx for Verification lines and so on.

Complete and submit the form below and you will receive an email within one working day with a unique license key.
    - If you are activating more than one application on you microscope, enter the application codes separated by comma (TMA-xxxxx, VL-xxxxx).

Please note

  • License keys cannot be requested for TAGARNO Distributor demo microscopes
  • To request license keys to earlier MAGNUS HD microscopes, please use the HD License Generator

If you have any questions, please contact the place where the application(s) was purchased.