Digital microscopes

TAGARNO digital microscopes give you unique and easy to use magnification equipment to use in a variety of quality control processes as well as R&D efforts or in your repair and rework in an endless range of segments. The digital microscopy camera technology enables you to see any small object in ultra sharp magnification and to document your work with just a single click. It also allows multiple viewers at the same time and thereby greatly improves collaboration.

TAGARNO FHD Prestige digital microscope black model
FHD Prestige digital microscope TAGARNO white model
660x magnification. Measurement. Validation. Focus stacking.
TAGARNO FHD Trend digital microscope black model
FHD Trend digital microscope TAGARNO white model
Digital microscope. 330X magnification. Easily update firmware and get new apps.
TAGARNO FHD UNO digital microscope
92X magnification. Cost-efficient. Optional XY table.
TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope
128x magnification. Flexible. Laser pointer.
Easy image and video capturing.
TAGARNO FHD ZIP digital microscope
53X magnification. Cost-efficient.
Easy image and video capture.