See a log of previous and current versions describing the changes and improvements of each version.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 5.10 [Manuals version 2.3]

Release date: 25.05.2020

1. Added or Changed Features

  • A new 120-day distributor demo license has been implemented
  • When the System language is changed, it will take effect immediately. No system restart is required
  • When a 30-day trial period was active the date and time could not be changed. This has now been made possible
  • When a TAGARNO Ring light is connected and White balance calibration at LED light change is enabled in the camera menu, switching on or off the ring light will initiate a WBC.
  • The TAGARNO Digital Trichinoscope uses automatic WBC to avoid a change in hue if the incident light, LED light or sub stage light changes during the inspection. The automatic WBC was however enabled also when the Trichinoscope application was closed. Now the automatic WBC is only enabled when the Trichinoscope application is active

2. Corrections

  • When using Advanced camera settings, the setting for contrast was not recalled correctly when using the Preset manager. This has now been corrected



ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 5.00 [Manuals version 2.0]

Release date: 02.03.2020

1. Added or Changed Features

  • New PNG reference app
  • New Scale bar option in the Settings menu. When the microscope is operating in standard magnification mode without any active applications, a Scale bar can be shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. When enabled, it will be superimposed on captured images. Please note that this scale is approximate and does not take lens distortion into account.
  • Addition to System information
    • Listing of all permanent installed licenses
    • URL to the online TAGARNO manuals
  • Improved integration with a TAGARNO Ring light connected to the USB port
    • When the microscope is switched off, the Ring light will also switch off. The state of the Ring light is persisted and recalled, when the microscope is powered up again.
    • The TAGARNO Ring light indicator is now visible in all applications.
  • The Watermark app is no longer license based and is now default available.
  • Changes to TMA
    • A new Distance to line tool has been added
    • In the base line of the arrows can be extended by pressing Ctrl. This is especially helpful when measuring the distance between parallel objects. When the line has been placed, the base line of the arrows return to their default length.
    • In Point-to-point the measurement line annotation can be offset with dashed lines, if the Alt key is pressed while placing the last point of the measurement.
    • When zooming digitally in a snapshot (using the mouse wheel), the center of the zoom now follows the mouse position.
    • When zooming digitally in a snapshot pan using the mouse is now supported.
    • To ease panning during digital zoom, the tools in the toolbar can now alternately be selected/de-selected using function keys or mouse.
    • Short pressing the capture key on the control box now brings up the Save image dialog.
    • When inch is selected the length annotation has been changed from L=xx inch to L=xx” and the area annotation has been changed from A=xx inch2 to A=xx in2
  • Changes to DXF overlay
    • For each layer visibility and color can now be set individually
    • The selected close-up lens is now shown in the app
    • An attached foot switch can now be used to skip back and forth in selected search results.
    • The user is now prompted if the imported DXF file does not contain units and can choose mm, inches or custom units
  • Changes to Camera settings
    • High contrast has been replaced by an option. When this option is enabled, these advances settings are can be modified in detail for optimum visual inspection result:
      • Contrast (21 levels)
      • Saturation (21 levels)
      • Sharpness (21 levels)
      • Noise reduction (6 levels)
  • The assisted Optimal working distance adjustment was inefficient and could stop working in some setups and did not work well with +25 and +50 close-up lenses. The Optimal Working distance has now been optimized to allow the user to quickly adjust the height of the microscope. This is done in two easy steps at two zoom levels, one rough at medium magnification and one fine at the highest magnification. At the screen the expected working distance is displayed as a reference for adjusting the distance
  • The number of presets in the Preset manager has been raised from 6 to 10. Presets can be selected from an attached numerical keyboard. Press 1..9 to select presets 1..9 and 0 to select preset 10
  • The default setting of White balance calibration at LED light change has been set to off
  • When the +10 (Plan 1x) close-up lens is selected, the focus level of the camera is reduced to prevent focusing inside the lens.

2. Corrections

  • A bug prevented the user from selecting a template if the number of entries in the list exceeded 50 templates. This has now been corrected in all applications based on templates
  • A USB storage device being formatted by the microscope would not be readable by some Apple computers depending of the installed version of the operating system. This has now been fixed.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 4.50 [Manuals version 2.0]

Release date: 01.11.2019

  • Changes to TMA
    • The arrow heads of very short lines (less than14 pixels) would overlap. This has now been fixed by dynamically scaling down the arrow heads on short lines.
    • In the Diameter measurement tool a center cross has been added to the annotation.
    • Measuring the distance between the center of two circles has been made easy. The Point-to-Point and Polyline tool in will now snap to the center of a circle if Ctrl is held down while placing the start and end points.
    • An option in the settings has been added to select how line length annotations are displayed. Choose between parallel to the line (default) and horizontal.
  • In Image comparison a settings option has been added to allow the user to change the switching speed, at which the reference and captured image are alternately displayed. Selecting Slow displays each image for 1.5 second. Selecting Fast displays each image 0.3 seconds.
  • Menu/ Ruler calibration
    • Perform a linear calibration of the Ruler using printable TAGARNO calibration rulers. Supported lenses are +3, +4, +5, +10 (Opteka) or +10 (Plan 1x). Please note that the system can only support one +10 lens at a time.
  • Changes to DXF overlay
    • The color(s) defined in the DXF file are now displayed. An option to override these colors is however still supported.
    • Line weight is now supported.
    • Hatch with solid fill is now supported.
    • Ellipses
    • Text alignment was not always displayed correctly. This has been fixed.
    • Some letters and letters with diacritics would be displayed incorrectly. This has now been corrected.
    • Navigation support has been added to assist the user in moving the inspected object when searching for text labels when the overlay is exceeding the visible screen area.
  • Changes to Watermark
    • When trying to import a watermark from an incorrectly formatted USB device, an error beep was audible. Now the user is offered an option to format the attached USB storage device.
  • Lens +10 calibration
    • From November 1, all produced microscopes will be calibrated to +10 (1x Plan)



ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 4.40 [Manuals version 1.9]

Release date: 05.08.2019

1. Added or Changed Features

  • New DXF overlay app
  • In Auto exposure mode a new Exposure compensation setting can now be used to change the internal reference brightness level. Use left/right navigation key to decrease/increase the brightness level in steps of 1.5dB. The Exposure compensation setting is persisted in the Preset manager and during power cycle.

2. Corrections

  • The calculation of L*, a*, b* values presented in Speck counter did not account for the gamma correction performed by the camera. This led to inaccurate measurements, which has now been corrected.
  • In some rare cases the USB 3.0 live image stream would not startup correctly if the microscope was warm when turned on. This issue has now been corrected.



ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 4.32 [Manuals version 1.8]

Release date: 13.05.2019

Color analyzer, Particle analyzer and Speck Counter are now available for all the digital microscopes with internal computer (FHD PRESTIGE, FHD TREND, FHD UNO)


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 4.30 [Manuals version 1.7]

Release date: 01.05.2019

1. Added or Changed Features

    New 30-day trial license feature.

  • All applications requiring a commercial license can now be tested using a free 30-day trial license.
  • The free trial license period is activated by selecting any unlicensed application in the application menu.
  • In System information the state of the Trial license is shown (Available, Remaining time and eventually Expired)

    Preset 1 to 6 can now be accessed using key 1 to 6 on an attached numerical USB keyboard. This allows for fast and easy access to presets. This feature also allows for effortless user restriction in applications where operators are not allowed to modify the configuration of the microscope. When the required presets have been configured, the XPLUS control box can simply be removed.

    The Image analysis/Speck counter application has been improved to display L, a*, b* values for the analyzed flour sample.

    New option in the Camera menu:

  • Assign image name
    • Default off. When this setting is active the microscope will prompt for an image name before storing a captured image.

    In System information a letter A, B or C has been added in the Hardware revision to identify the revision of the embedded SD card, serving as the internal storage of the microscope.

        -A-   Initial type used at first customer shipment June 2016

        -B-   In mid-2017 a high capacity brand was introduced. Unfortunately these cards deteriorate over time and can exhibit read/write errors causing malfunction of the microscope.

        -C-   Current industrial type introduced November 2017

    The frame rate of the camera has been changed to match the selected video format. For historical reasons the camera would run at 59.94 FPS when selecting 1080p60 and 29.97 FPS when selecting 1080p30. The difference in frame rate resulted in a frame being dropped periodically. Dropped frames become noticeable when inspecting slowly moving objects. Now the frame rate of the camera matches the selected video format.


2. Corrections

Removing a USB storage device while in use by the system could prevent usage of an attached USB storage device later on. Now the system will detect this issue and re-initialize the USB storage device driver to maintain its functionality.



ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 4.10 [Manuals version 1.6]

Release date: 01.03.2019

  • Firmware 4.10 replaces 4.0 and solves a critical error which prevented applications from saving images to an attached USB device.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 4.00 [Manuals version 1.6]

Release date: 01.02.2019

1. Added or Changed Features

    Changes to TMA:

  • A dot-grid calibration is now up to 10 times faster, while maintaining the same precision.
  • Measurement annotations are now kept when a new calibration is selected and all measured values are recalculated based on the selected calibration.
  • Measurement annotations are also kept and recalculated when entering/leaving Lens correction mode.
  • Changing the measurement units will now take immediately effect on all measurement annotations.
  • The selected measurement annotation tool now remains selected after entering/leaving Lens correction mode.
  • General performance improvement for measurement annotations. The Polyline measurement could appear laggy depending on the number of line segments. Now it appears smooth no matter the number of segments.
  • In Angle measurement the presentation of the result has been changed to use ∠ = xx° instead of A = xx°.

   Changes to Image Comparison:

  • When a template is created it is now possible to select a region of interest. This new feature is enabled by pressing Shift + C. The area outside the region of interest will be grayed out. The feature is especially useful when comparing a reference PCB with a sample PCB typically placed at different locations in a panel.

   General changes to all applications:

  • A confirmation dialog will now appear during deletion to prevent users from deleting a template unintentionally.
  • When saving the user is now prompted to prevent overwriting existing files unintentionally.

   (New splash screen/tag line)


2. Corrections

  • In TMA a measurement tool could appear to be selected even though it was not. This has now been corrected.
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue where the microscope application would restart when switching between different applications and TMA.
  • Fixed an issue where the XPLUS Control Box could be unresponsive a few seconds after emitting an error beep.
  • Image preview would always start up being enabled. The selected state of Image preview is now persisted.
  • When Image preview was disabled the image capture text dialog could sometimes be visible at the center of the screen in standard operating mode (no applications active). Now this dialog is always shown in the top center of the screen.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 3.31 [Manuals version 1.5]

Release date: 30.11.2018

1. Corrections

  • By mistake the PNG image format was also being compressed, leading to a capture time of up to 15 seconds per image. This additional time does not make up for the benefits of a smaller PNG image and uncompressed PNG format is now selected as default.
  • A slip in version 3.30 caused the adjustment of the Optimal working distance to take unacceptably long time. This has now been corrected.
  • After updating the microscope to 3.30, the colors observed by the camera was over saturated and incorrect until the microscope was power cycled. This firmware update initializes all camera settings at startup and does not require the user to perform a power cycle after upgrading.



ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 3.30 [Manuals version 1.5]

Release date: 01.11.2018
1. New options in the Settings Menu
  • System languages
     - 中文 (Chinese)
    - 한국의 (Korean)

2. Lock presets

When this feature is enabled, users are prevented from accidentally overwriting presets in the Preset manager.

  • Changes to the Preset manager
    - Each preset can be assigned a user defined name by pressing F2 on an attached keyboard.
    - The number of presets has been upgraded from four to six presets.
    - Prevent overwriting a prefix configuration by enabling Lock presets in the Settings Menu.
  • The tiff Image format has been changed from uncompressed to LZW compressed. The LZW compression reduces the size of the captured image dynamically, where an uncompressed tiff image always would take up 8.101 KB of storage space. LZW compression is lossless and does not degrade the quality of the captured image.
  • When performing a calibration in TMA Auto exposure mode was always activated when the user selected New calibration. It has proven not to be appropriate in all situations and now Auto exposure mode has been added as a user selectable button on the calibration dialog.
  • In TMA the LED light can now be switched on/off by long pressing the light key on the control box.
  • The default Monitor width has been changed from 478mm to 531mm to match the size of a standard 24” monitor
  • Manually changing the Monitor width while Monitor auto detect is enabled will now disable the monitor auto detect function.
3. Corrections
  • Some new monitors and televisions would not display an image when connected to the microscope. This issue has been solved by automatically changing the video format from DVI to HDMI depending on the capabilities of the attached monitor.
  • In the Image comparison application the reference image was not always shown when selecting a template. In side-by-side view the sample image was not always shown. These intermittent issues have now been corrected.
  • When Wide dynamic range was selected and the user entered Manual exposure mode the settings for Iris, Gain and Exposure time could be incorrect and result in a dark image. This issue has been fixed by allowing the camera to settle for a few seconds before it enters Manual exposure mode.
  • Restore factory default settings did not delete the Image comparison templates. This has now been corrected.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 3.20 [Manuals version 1.4]

Release date: 01.08.2018
1. File share mode
  • Updated to support an SMB 2.0 compatible protocol. 
    This firmware update contains a security update with regards to using File share mode. The SMB 1.0 protocol was previously supported but it has been terminated because it posed a security risk. The security risk does not apply to the TAGARNO FHD device, but to any Windows based operating system having SMB 1.0 file sharing support enabled. It is highly recommended to disable SMB 1.0 support on any Windows based operating system on your corporate network.
2. An incompatible USB storage can now be formatted
  • This TAGARNO FHD device is designed to support USB storages with a FAT32 formatted file system. Other file systems (like APFS, NTFS and exFAT) are not supported.
  • If an incompatible USB storage is detected selecting Menu/Information/Storage information will display this message The USB storage must be formatted before it can be used.
  • A USB storage can be formatted by selecting Menu//Format USB storage.
  • If an incompatible USB storage is detected when capturing an image the user will be prompted to allow the TAGARNO FHD device to format the attached USB storage.
3. Corrections
  • When performing an angle measurement in TMA, Reflex Angle notation was used for angles greater than 90 degrees. This has now been corrected to only use Reflex Angle notation for angles greater than 180 degrees.
  • Fixed an issue where a double cursor initially was shown in TMA before the mouse was moved.

ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 3.10 [Manuals version 1.3]

Release date: 01.05.2018

1. New option in the Camera menu

  • High contrast. Default off. Depending of the nature of the visual inspection type, High contrast can be activated to visually enhance the edges of microscopic specimens. 
2. New option in the Settings Menu
  • Image preview. When an image is captured the default behavior is to preview the image at the center of the display for 5 seconds. Image preview can now be disabled, which will display a more discrete text box for 3 seconds. This allows users to quickly inspect and capture images of new samples.
  • Auto exposure mode has been changed to prioritize the Exposure time which is optimal for the selected video format. In good lightening conditions the microscope will reduce the Iris instead of the Exposure time to improve the depth of view.
  • Manual focus mode has been changed to improve speed and precision. In Manual focus mode the initial focus speed is lowered but it will accelerate when - or + is depressed.
3. New features in TMA
  • Short pressing the Snapshot key on the control box now saves the current image including any measurements and annotations.
  • A warning dialog now prevents users from deleting a calibration unintentionally.
  • Warning dialogs now supports input from an attached keyboard (ESC, Enter and left/right arrow)
4. New Image comparison application


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 3.00 [Manuals version 1.2]

Release date: 01.02.2018

1. New features in Focus stacking

  • Quality
    Normal. Default fast mode with a typical processing speed of 8 seconds for 15 images
    High. Reduce visual artifacts caused by sub optimal lighting and high objects. In this mode the processing speed is reduced and 15 images can take up to 13 seconds
  • All settings used during Focus stacking, except zoom level, are persisted during power down
  • The actual magnification level is displayed inside the Zoom key
  • The control box zoom +/- keys have been activated as an alternative to using the onscreen Zoom key
  • The LED light can now be switched on/off by long pressing the light key on the control box
  • Long pressing the center key on the control box will now close the Focus stacking application or cancel an ongoing focus stacking
  • The actively selected function is now more clearly marked with a highlighted border
  • Fixed an issue where the application occasionally could close just after activation


2. New features in TMA

  • Added Diameter measurement tool
  • Auto completion has been added to the text annotation field allowing users to easily select previous entered annotations
  • Function key shortcuts (F1 – F10) have been assigned to the drawing and annotation functions. The tooltip shows the assigned function key
  • Color settings, line width and text size are now persisted during power down
  • When Clear All is selected a warning dialog now enables users to cancel the operation if it was selected by accident
  • In Polygon measurement the presentation of the result has been changed from Area = xx.x2 to A = xx.x2
  • Clicking the magnification field now auto selects the current zoom level allowing users to easily enter a new zoom level using the keyboard
  • During distance measuring, hold down the Shift key to measure only in vertical or horizontal direction

3. New options in the Settings Menu

  • System languages: Polish and Japanese
  • Keyboard layout: PT (Portuguese)

4. New option in the Camera menu

  • Wide dynamic range. When selected the camera will use individual exposure settings for dark and light areas. This option can be used to reduce glare when inspecting blank objects. Please note that Wide dynamic range is not supported in Manual exposure mode.



ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 2.80 [Manuals version 1.1.6]

Release date: 01.11.2017

1. New Watermark application 

  • Imprint captured images with Image prefix, time stamp, hotizontal field of view, microscope model and serial number
  • Import and add a custom defined watermark on captured image

2. New Verification lines application

  • Insert lines vertically and/or horizontally with a user defined number of lines either baseline or continued. State the distance between the lines and mark the tolerance
  • Insert a grid with a user defined number of lines and state the wanted distance between the lines

3. New feature in TMA

  • Polyline measurement. Measure the distance between two or more points

4. New options in the setup menu:

  • Image prefix: Replace the default image prefix (img_) preceding the date and time stamp in filenames of captured images
5. Added system languages
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Maymar (Hungarian)
  • Românesc(Romania)
6.  Added keyboard layouts
  • HU (Hungarian)
  • RO (Romania)
7. Corrections
  • An issue in the embedded USB 3.0 live streaming device could result in a frozen image on the attached PC/Laptop. This firmware release addresses this issue and can maintain a live image on a PC/Laptop having a configuration below the otherwise recommended specifications.
  • Fixed a minor issue where capturing an image with graphics would shortly show an empty filename in the window displaying the captured image.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 2.70 [Manuals version 1.1.5]

TAGARNO firmware version 2.70 contains the following additions and corrections:

1. New Application shortcut is added, bringing you directly to your fovaorite application via the control box

2. Spanish is added as an optional system language 

3. Correction of a minor issue, so that the displayed magnification level is now updated correctly after warm restart


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 2.51 [Manuals version 1.1.4]

TAGARNO firmware version 2.51 contains:

1. Optimization of the internal filesystem access

  • Microscope power-up time has been reduced to less than 30 seconds
  • Read/Write speed in file share mode has been increased by a factor 10

2. Added support in the Settings Menu:

  • System Language: Pусский (Russian)
  • Keyboard layout: RU (Cyrillic)

3. Changed feature in the Info Menu

  • Restore factory default settings will now perform a quick format of the Internal storage.
    All images captured by the user will be deleted. Calibrations performed in the Measurement application will also deleted. The user is prompted before Restore factory default settings is invoked.


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 2.40 [Manuals version 1.1.2]

TAGARNO Firmware version 2.40 contains the following additions and corrections:

1. File share mode: Store images directly to your microscope and share the content of the microscopes internal storage directly from a computer via the activated LAN connection

2. New system languages: French, German and Danish. This choice affects both menus and applications

3. Numeric formats. Select between the numeric formats 1,234.56, 1.234,56 or 1 234,56

4. Changes in the graphical user interface:

  • To increase readability and the amount of visible text, the use of block capitals in the Graphical user interface has been terminated
  • Graphical user interface elements have gone through a brush up resulting in smoother edges and transparency adjustments
  • Wherever possible, language-agnostic icons have replaced text in the Graphical user interface

5. General improvements:

  • When an image is captured, the preview, filename and destination is displayed for a few seconds
  • Comprehensive tooltips have been added to TMA. They appear at mouseover over each functionality
  • The video format can now be changed without power cycling the microscope
  • When performing an optimum working distance adjustment, the magnification settings prior to the adjustment will now be restored.
  • The timestamp used in auto generated file names of captured and saved images included milliseconds. Milliseconds have now been omitted
  • Storage information has been added in the Information menu, showing internal and USB device capacity
  • TMA has been added mouse sensitivity in 5 steps

6. Corrections:

  • Performing an optimal working distance adjustment while lock magnification was active would not work as expected
  • At video format frame rates less than 1080p60 the focus stacking application could generate an image being partly out of focus
  • At large magnifications, the scale on the vertical ruler could be missing the least significant digits
  • Plugging in a USB storage device could cause an attached USB mouse/keyboard to stop working
  • In auto capture mode an issue could result in one or more images being skipped
  • A calibration in the measurement application using sheet I could fail. The calibration routine has been made less sensitive to ink residue and imperfect dots. The calibration accuracy remains unchanged


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 2.30 [Manuals version 1.1.1]

TAGARNO Firmware Version 2.30 contains the following additions and corrections:

1. New options in Settings Menu:

  • Keyboard layout. International keyboard support for annotations in TMA. Supported countries (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2): AU, BE, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, HU, IL, IT, NO, PL, SE and US
  • Foot switch configuration. Select between Zoom/Focus and Zoom only.  Zoom/Focus is the default configuration

Setting this option to Zoom only will allow the user to zoom in/out with the foot switch, even if the microscope is set to manual focus mode by the XPLUS FHD Control box

2. For easy access to perform a WBC, this item has been moved to the top of the camera Menu. When white balance calibration is performed, the menu will exit automatically. 


ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION 2.10 [Manuals version 1.1]

TAGARNO Firmware Version 2.10 contains the following additions and corrections:

1. TAGARNO Measurement Application*

2. Keyboard support. This firmware version contains keyboard support, so that you can connect and use a keyboard in applications

3. New options in the setup menu

  • A manual white balance calibration (WBC) option has been added  
  • Enabling/disabling white balance calibration (WBC), when the LED light is switched on or off
  • Change the frame rate between video formats 1080p60/1080p50/1080p30/1080p25
    (1080p30/1080p25 is not recommended but can be used to perform USB 3.0 video capture on a PC which does not meet the minimum requirements)
  • The model number has been removed from the System information window
*Access to TAGARNO Measurement Application requires license key
Contact to order TAGARNO Measurement Application and retrieve the activation code to request a unique license key